Database Problem


I'm looking for help with a solution to a database problem I'm having.
I need to update, or patch, a single column in a collection on a regular basis, almost daily. I understand from some research and failed attempts however that this isn't as easily achieved as I would have thought.

I've tried to explain my problem as best I can below.

I have a database of construction plant assets which have two collections "plantList" and also "plantLocations". There is a Pointer set from each asset in "plantList" to the location of each in "plantLocations". All very good. The problem arises when I have to update the plantLocations collection at least once a week. When I do this the all of the inividual pointers are then lost. We have over 400 records in the collection so then manually connecting the pointers to the relevant records is painstaking and seems silly. Has anyone encountered this type of issue before? Be gentle, I'm not a developer or coder so my JavaScript is very limited.

I'm using the JQuery framework to build a maintenance control app.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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