displaying completed tasks by user


I having some trouble understanding how to complete this task.

I have task being created in appery database from web interface similar to the todo list example.

I need to be able to list the all the tasks a given user has completed over a given period of time, like a week.

I also need to list all the users who have completed a task sorted by the user with the most points (a leaderboard)

here is the flow:
admin creates task, each tasks has points associated with them
users login and select the task they have completed.
users can see the task they have completed over the last week
users can see the all the tasks completed by all users

I would appreciate some help getting this feature completed, I am pretty close I have tasks in the database, I have user logins and user registeration

I am just not clear how to update the tasks with the user ids who have completed them.
and how to list only completed tasks the logged in user has completed

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