Dynamic Pages from REST

So basically i'm trying to make a web-app that displays all of firefly's (TV Shows) episodes and display data about the shower. Air date; etc.

I have a full understanding of how to get the REST data to populate the listview with data; but i need an onclick event to "navigate" to a "dynamic" page that has content from forsay Episode 1 then it displays Season 1; Episode 1 summary.

Before i get started i HAVE read around and i am ASKING HERE for someones help... I've read http://devcenter.appery.io/documentat... but it isn't detailed enough.

I'm an IT Admin so programming is very new to me and that is why i'm using this platform...


Here is what i have so far -

Starting Page is what loads the episode name from this REST api here ( http://imdbapi.poromenos.org/js/?name... )

Image of Starting Page - http://i.imgur.com/hJpFwdS.png

Appery View - http://i.imgur.com/ryxJizs.png

Rest Settings - http://i.imgur.com/5Shzzvh.png

This is what i need todo (Diagram)



I'm asking if anyone could take screenshots on how you would do this or create a tutorial i am willing to pay...

Thank you;
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