Failing to receive push notification on Android

My app push send/receive works perfectly on iOS, and the app is submitted to the Apple store.

I'm preparing the App for the Google Play store, which is simpler than IOS, so I've done the app build for Android, and in the course of testing I cannot receive push notifications.

The app is set up correctly as far as I can tell, with the Android keys in the push settings panel

These match the google cloud messaging api/service information

The app is configured with a certificate, "release" build, and when run registers correctly, just as it does with IOS

You notice the "A" device, which was registered correctly with the details needed by the app. The only odd thing is the token is more than twice as long as the iOS device tokens, and the deviceID is completely differently formatted, but I suppose that's normal Android/iOS differences.

I can send push notifications from the device, but I cannot receive them, either from other apps, or more crucially, in the app "send push notification screen", where I try to send a "test" payload to Android apps only. The "send push notification" screen tells me the message is successfully sent, but nothing ever arrives at my device.

The app is correctly installed with the right permissions for android ("show notifications" is checked for my application in the settings/application management screen.

Can you guys try an apk build and see what happens? I have no idea here further what to do.

The application is already shared as "lekkerdev" with support. 
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