Formatting with css or Appery() syntax

I need some css help.

1) Want to separe list item. In css file try to set css margin, does not seems to work
.catalogScreen_catalog_item {margin-bottom:10px; display:block; clear:both;}
I think this is not the right syntax.
If i use Appery("catalog_item").css("margin-bottom","10px"); in screen Load js works properly.

2) Open a panel with 100% width and i hide mobilheader and mobilfooter. After panel closed show it again
Tried both way, css display


and show/hide


It's works but not like i want. Before i hide or use css display header and footer floatting above the list container, after i show again they are fix position and does not apper when list scrolling. They only apper absolutelly top and bottom positin.

What is the right method to hide header and fotter bar and show it again without change their appear property?

3) In html container i put an image. Image 32*32 pixel and i wan to positioning it to center of the html element.
the css code i used:
.catalogScreen_preload_image {margin:10px auto; width:32px; height:32px;}
Image stayed on left side. how to centering?

Thanks every help!
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