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I have a page with a list that populates dynamically from a DB.
I have mapped the DB service response, which gives as a result an image name (that is loaded in the DB files), and an url to a webpage.

Then locally i have the list, which has two subcomponents (an image and a label) for each element. What i want to achieve are two things:
1- To display each of the images that i get from the service response to the image subcomponent of the list mentioned above. I have already done this via mapping.
2- If the user clicks on one of the images, i would like to redirect to the URL that came with that image in the service response. I have already mapped this URL to the label subcomponent mentioned above, but now i don't know how to retrieve it.

In short, i want to know how to retrieve the value of a subcomponent of a "clicked" item of a list.
Graphically: List-->Item["clicked"]-->Subcomponent-->value

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