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gmap title not showing in app but shows in desktop


My below code shows the marker in the map BUT DOES NOT show the title.

var map = Appery("googlemap_3").gmap;

// B1481 - 10th Ave & 50th St
var sfLatlng = new google.maps.LatLng(40.63847,-73.99933);
var marker = new google.maps.Marker({
position: sfLatlng,
map: map,
title: "B1481 - 10th Ave & 50th St",
icon: "../img/Fire_Marker_Red.png"

If I open the app in a browser and place the mouse of the marker the title will appear

But in he app if i push on the marker with my finger the title DOES NOT Appear.

Any Ideas on how to get the title to appear in APP?
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  • Hello Vinny,

    1. Please create a new JS file (Create New -> JavaScript) with the following JS code
    var map;
    var markers = [];
    var group;
    var bounds = new google.maps.LatLngBounds();

    function initialize() {
    map = Apperyio("googlemap").gmap;

    if (!map){

    function showMarkers(newMarkers){
    markers = [];

    for (var i = 0; i < newMarkers.length; i++){
    var marker = new google.maps.Marker({
    position: {lat: newMarkers[i].lat, lng: newMarkers[i].lng},
    map: map,
    title: newMarkers[i].title


    function setDelay()
    setTimeout(initialize, 50);

    2. Run the JS code
    on the page show event

    3. ANd add another code to the button's click event or any another you want to display markers:
    var markers = [
    {lat: 52.520007, lng:13.404954, title: "A title"},
    {lat: 51.507351, lng:-0.127758, title: "B title"},
    {lat: 37.774929, lng:-122.419416, title: "C title"},
    {lat: 35.689487, lng:139.691706, title: "D title"}
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