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Google Login Credentials

Hello support. Not sure if anyone has asked, but I'm having a couple of issues with signing up for google login on the app.

First, the Authorized redirect URl that I tried using in the setup was https://api.appery.io/rest/1/code/Ame..., per the instructions, but the google site says, "Invalid Redirect: domain must be added to the authorized domain list before submitting."

When I tried to do this, Google says that a homepage and privacy policy URL's are required for publishing. The second issue.

Where can I get the privacy policy URL to use and is, https://api.appery.io/rest/1/code/Ame..., the URL I should use as the home page?

I'm reaching out to Appery first before I reach out to Google in case it's something that can be fixed in the set-up.

The above and making sure I'm using the correct app ID: name of app using google login correct????


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