Google maps geometry api ..... And appery

Posted this question earlier and no one Took the bait so I'm trying again.

in a previous thread Evegene from Appery told me how to include the Google geometry api in my project so that I could use the computDistancebetween function.

Loaded the link supplied into my project .... Settings,external resources, etc. seemed to load fine. Tried it out .... When my app loaded the console has a new error from the Google api before any other service starts says... "You have used the google api multiple times on this page, you may experience unpredictable results"

Predictably the unpredictable result is that the geometry API does not load, and I still get an error unresolved function call... When I try to call the comoutedistancebetwee function ( I've spelled and capped it correctly ).

Anyone have any suggestions ? Has anyone used Appery with extended features in the google map API that can help me out of this bind ??


Uncaught ReferenceError: computeDistanceBetween is not defined

thanks for any help you can offer!!!
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