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Has anyone else noticed the Quality of Apperyio going down since July Update?

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  • August 30, 2016 16:50
    Change in reply by neuronhighway9522 to Max Max Max we should have known you would sell us all out. I too have a simple date problem since I need to query the _createdAt. After eight days and some silly "support" responses Max tells me not to insult them after they tell me it's out of their scope of support. hey Max my pocketbook just moved out of Appperys scope and many many more will follow. I did a workaround by adding another column and writing today's date to the database so I can query when the record was created. What a crock of poopoo. So no I won't be buying any useless "service packs" from you.<br /><br /> I tried to use the blog reference on how to import and fire a simple sound from the web console you gave some Mumbo jumbo that testing it w the computer I'm using is the problem even though it fires fine from the resource tab. Helllo wait should we use your videos where most of your \ tapings have mistakes with you at the control or missing he important mapping or code necessary??<br /><br /> By the way my app won't fire on your tester. Three weeks yes you read that right three weeks. It's a bug. So you say...I should be patient?? For what?<br /><br /> I'm posting this for everybody who heard how you could build an app in five minutes. Don't believe the hype if it was nt for Ali farhat's YouTube channel who shows the work arounds w appery., I'd never have gotten this far...<br /><br /> You have lost the forest for the trees Max. Tiggzi. Revisit. Ps to the guy who has. Datepicker issues. I got a workaround for that too! .

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