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I'm creating an app using the JQuery Mobile framework. I am trying to use a database update service with information provided from a database list service. I can manage this when a single record/object is listed but when the list is looped the method fails.
I'm aware I should probably be using server code for this but even the most basic javascript is difficult for me. I've broken down the attempted method I'm using below. Excuse the hackiness please.

I am invoking a list service on page show. The list service shows three values. They are displayed in three separate labels inside a grid of five columns and one row. The three values are A, B and the object ID. The other two columns contain the update input field and a button.
I use the object ID in the third column from the list service to update the value in B using the input field in the fourth column. The button is used to invoke the update service. As a second event I re-run the list service from the same button to update the list.

While long winded this method does work with one object, when the list is looped through the labels using mapping it fails.

I'm sure there is a simple answer to this (probably using server code I know) but if someone could help me with this method until I can learn more about server code I would be very grateful.

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