HELP! What is the best way to develop this?

I am new to MongoDB and an intermediate with javascript. I am wondering how to go about building the app below (for the purpose of educating and motivating staff at my health department about a national initiative we will be participating in).
I am doing this for work and will hopefully be able to add it to my speaking points at a national conference where I'll be presenting in a couple of months (for other organizations to learn from and perhaps to build the same kind of thing using appery too) but I need help!! (Our IT dept doesn't have time to help me with this)

I need to know if this is even possible using appery and if anyone can help me figure out how to go about it...

Basically, it works like this:

Users register by signing up (email as login and password) and select one of 3 teams to join (Heat, Rockets, Lakers) and see a list of multiple choice questions such as:

Question 1. Who is scooby do?
a. a dog
b. a cat
c. a person

Question 2. Who is Stephen Colbert
a. The president of Canada
b. A CNN anchor
c. A comedian

I have four collections so far (i'm not sure if this is the best set up):
USERS (username, passsword, team),
POINTS (userpoints, userteampoints),
GAMES (questions, answera, answerb, answerc, pointvalues), and
TEAMS (teamname, totalpoints)
(I still have no idea how to record what questions a user has completed yet)

Here is how it is supposed to work: I have a question bank (25 total questions) saved in the games collection. Each time the user answers an individual question correctly, they get either 6 (easy questions) or 10 (hard questions) points added to their userpoints column in my "points" collection. That question disappears from their list of questions (so they can't keep answering the same question and getting more points) and they choose another question to answer.

When a user gets points, their total team score (the team they selected at the beginning registration) is also increased as a bonus with half of those points so "UserBob" gets 6 points for his answering Question1 correctly and his team, Rockets, also gets 3 points as a bonus for his work.

In terms of moving back and forth between collections, I need to be able to:
- Assign points to a user for answering specific questions
- Identify and remove questions a user has completed
- Show users their own current points
- Show users the number of points they have added to their team
- Show users each team's total current points (the rankings)

Is this something that can be accomplished using Appery? Would it require a bunch of server scripts or is there an easier way? I am assuming this would involve using "pointers" but I haven't seen any examples i can follow.

I have registration complete but I'm not sure how to go about doing the rest (i'm used to relational databases and so I'm learning MondoDB on the fly).
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