How to add Phonegap AdMob plugin to application

Hello, team and users!

I'm enjoying to develop an Android app with and I'd like to add advertisement on my app.

I have a question about how to add Phonegap AdMob plugin to application.

I know there are a lot of similar posts. But, I couldn't find the right solution.

I've already finished the following process referencing some links.

But, I don't know the last part.

Would you give me some advice? Thank you in advance.

I've already finished...

- Exporting my app as an Eclipse Project
- Importing my app to Eclipse
- Editing AndroidManifest.xml file on Eclipse
- Editing file on Eclipse
- "I'm HERE!"

Although I read the part of "Adding 3rd party plugins" on the following page, I couldn't find a .js file and Phonegap AdMob plugin...

I referenced the next links as well.

【My Environment】

Mac OS : 10.9.4
Android : 4.2.2
Eclipse : 4.4.1
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