How do you set an image value to a url when a value is selected in a Select control?

Okay here is the deal:

Image control on start screen

API loaded Select control on start screen

Select value change --> set [image control].imageValue property to value imageURL on Select control so that when I select a team the logo show up in the image control
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  • Hi Jason,

    Please follow these steps:

    1. design ->open Event bottom panel->choose your select in "component";

    2. Choose "Value changed" in Event select;

    3. Choose "Run JavaScript" in Action Select;

      1. Populate handler with the following JS code:

    var value = jQuery(this).val();

    //Need to get image by select value.
    var imageURL = "";

    //Populate image by url.
    Appery("imageAppery_Name").attr("src", imageURL);

    That's all.

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