I want my check boxes to remain checked when the user leaves the page, and when the app is closed & reopened.

- I have a progress checklist.

- Users will check the check boxes as they learn to do different things.

- To see how they are progressing, they need to see which boxes they have already checked.

If a check box is checked on Monday, and the user closes the app, they need to know what they have already checked when they open it again on Tuesday.

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  • Hello James,

    When the user marks the checkbox you may set the value of local storage variable equal to one. (for information on creating variables in local storage please read here http://devcenter.appery.io/documentat... )
    when there is second opening of the application, you put action in set property on the event page show. There you should choose your checkbox and mark read from local storage by selecting the variable that was previously set with one. When removing the mark from the checkbox do not forget to put variable in 0.
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