Include PDF in build

I should start by saying that, as a web designer, and not an app developer, most of this is new to me.

I've managed to develop a basic app that has collapsible blocks. These contain images which currently function as links to to PDF files, and which open perfectly well when clicked, but I'm looking to include the PDFs in the build.

I've created a database, and I know I can upload files into it, but that's where I hit a wall. Is there a simple and reasonably elegant method of loading those files from the present icons/links I have in the app?

I have no experience of using APIs, and I think this personal limitation is what's causing me the problem. My javascript skills are also pretty - well, very - basic.

If anybody can offer any guidance to what I should do, I'd be grateful. The app, as it is is perfectly functional but, of course, it currently requires a data/wifi connection to get the files, and I'm trying to get around that.
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