Infinite Scroll for Grid

Hi Appery team,

I'm trying to build an app with infinite scroll feature.
By following the following great blog post, I could successfully implement the feature to List, but couldn't implement it to Grid. I know there are some related posts, but I couldn't find the answer.

・How to Build an App with Infinite Scroll

I found the following information and code, but I don't know what kind of value do I put to the code.

・We really need an infinite scrolling component/ grid.It has become a standard view on many apps now.

self.eventsListItems = Apperyio("infinite_wrapper").find("[name=item_wrapper]:not([data-appery-tpl])");

I prepared a very simple grid example as follows. Would you give me a specific example code? What value do I put to the above code (infinite_wrapper and item_wrapper)?

One Grid : mobilegrid_103
Two Image components: mobileimage_108 and mobileimage_109

Thank you in advance!

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