intermittent appery db service results on page

I have been having a lot of trouble hiding and showing things on screen at the right times. I am starting to get confused with my three previously reported appery bugs and my lack of understanding on when to use events- ie. load vs show vs running a script in mapping to display results on page.

Case in point- I have service getting photos from appery database. I do not want the white nophoto image to display before service runs, so I decided to hide image on screen to start. When service is run I show photo in service script if value is not defined. Since doing this, photos and data show up sometimes and not others. If I click reload in browser, all loads okay.

I moved my code from on load event to have everything run on show to see if that helped. It did not. Now I am wondering if I am doing things in the right way or if I am experiencing bugs. For example, is the google map bug breaking the service which displays database results on page?

on page show for tackPage I run:
showTack.execute({data:{"object_id": query}});

on service mapping photo script looks like:
//value is photo link in appery db
if (value==undefined){
} else {
element.attr("src", value);;

Here are the relevant test pages:

secure versions which exhibits google errors:
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