ionic3 watchPosition does not fire in some Android 9.0 version devices?

I faced recently a very hard issue, spent few days but no success. Getting watchPosition in Android 9.0 is not working. I have tried geolocation.getCurrentPosition() and geolocation.watchPosition() but no options working. watchPosition is not fire only in OPP F11Pro but in another devices its working i have already set permission in AnodridManifest.xml file.but not working why function not fire.

Tested Devices:

Nokia 6,Samsung J2

Not working

OPP F11Pro

Ts code
//get user currentLocation and update user location after move move = self.geolocation.watchPosition();
self.subscription = => {

//this.updatedUserPosition for hold postition of user
self.updatedUserPosition = position;
//if latitute
if(position.coords.latitude) {

var latLng = new google.maps.LatLng(position.coords.latitude, position.coords.longitude);
console.log('lat fire.....', +position.coords.latitude);
console.log('long fire.....', +position.coords.longitude);
},error => {
console.log(error); //error handling

#AnodridManifest.xml file
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