IOS PushNotification attach extra one value using api. the store it in local variable.


please can you help me solve my issue; as explained below...

I need to attach nodeid (integer value) while sending push notification from my server to devices...

using this code: if its in right way.

curl -X POST -H "X-Appery-Push-API-Key:MY-API-KEY" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"payload":{"message" : "Message-body", "badge" : "2"},"status": "sent","node":"51553"}'

the push message is sent successfully and my ios apps can received it.

is that ok to transfer extra value with PushNotification API ?


when user press over pushed message on his iphone;

i- it will open my app; if the app where closed.


ii- show an alarm dialog box with the pushed notification message and "go" button, if apps were opened.


at case (i) how to get the value of "nodeid" (the extra piece of information inserted into push code above), then store it into local storage variable. ?

also how to do same after press "go" button at case (ii)?

then in above 2 cases makes an event to navigate to page.

Thank you very much for help and regards
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