Larger selection within the "Palette"

Amazing IDE. I've looked at about a dozen at this point and I'd have to say that what makes Tiggr stand out is:

* integration with jQuery and jQueryMobile
* export into HTML/CSS/JS in readable, non-proprietary code (ie. code that doesn't overly use company-made syntax and methods). This will help with PhoneGap integration.
* UI that requires a small learning curve to use. (IMHO of course)

Two Questions:
#1 concerns the number of controls available within the IDE "Palette". These seem to be the "basic" level, and I find myself looking for more complex controls.

Am I looking in the wrong place, or are there only 18 controls available right now?

#2. Can you implement custom CSS, (similar to implementing custom JS)?

The radius of the buttons, inputs, etc is a bit too large and I'd like to set it lower if possible.


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