Limitations on Push Notifications

Hi Guys

I am using a piece of server code to send push notifications:

// Send the Notification
Apperyio.PN.send(pushApiKey, {
payload: {
"title" : title ,
"message": message,
"badge": 1,
"unque_id": id,
"type": type,
"who": from
filter: {

"deviceID": {
"$in": results }


where the results is an array of devices to send to.

However when I send a notification ("Welcome to my app for example") to a large number of users I get the following error in the script trace log

Script Push_Notification: ApperyioAPI: Push notification data is too big

I realise there is a 4K limit on the text we send but is there a limit on the number of users as well?

Any ideas gratefully accepted.

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