local storage variable is undefined when mapping to service request

Dear ApperyIo

good evening to you and love the Appery so far..
i have items and using the code below to map to local storage variable

//position in the items which was clicked and save it to local storage
var idx = $(this).attr("_idx");
alert("_idx was selected : " + idx);
Apperyio.storage.attend.set('ls_idx', idx);
var id = $('[dsid=person_ID' + idx + ']').text();
alert("person_ID selected : " + id);
Apperyio.storage.attend.set('person_ID', id);
var id = $('[dsid=att_ID' + idx + ']').text();
alert("att_ID selected : " + id);
Apperyio.storage.attend.set('att_ID', id);
var id = Apperyio("group_parent_ID").text();
alert("group_ID selected : " + id);
Apperyio.storage.attend.set('group_ID', id);

so far so good..
but when i try to map to service request.. i get undefined error

here is my mapping

and here is my model

ESD and always first item to navigate to next page..

I do appreciate your assistance..
Thank YOU!!!
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