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Login Not Working

Could someone help me fix my login issues?

I went through the steps to set-up login and registration and everything worked fine.

I wanted to request more information on the registration section, address and phone number. Serhii helped me fix the registration issue with the phone number, but after registering, I try logging into the app and the popup message, "Please try again," pops up.

The only difference between the original login and registration plugins is that I added the address and phone number fields, which work on the app and the data populates in the database. The login information doesn't populate in the user database section, which I don't understand beacuse all I did was add the address and phone number fields to both the script and the parameters sections. Everything else is the same.

I also double checked that the service URL for the login and registration plugins were correct in the app.

Last thing, when i remove the address and phone number parameters and remove the code, everything works fine.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

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