I’m annoyed

Login-Registration Sample API Key to line #5 and it's saying "registration failed please try again" when I save and run it


I'm following the tutorial:
Adding the Registration Script
The first script you are going to add is the script to register a new user.

Go to Server Code page, then open Plugins page.
Import the RegisterNewUser script.
Open the RegisterNewUser_RegisterNewUser (the actual script name is the plugin name + script name when imported. You can change the name) script for editing. Minimal setup is required, you just need to set the database ID so the script knows which database/collection to access.
In another browser tab, open the Database page and then the database you created. Go to Settings page. There you will see the database API key. Copy the key.
On line #5, set the database API key.
Next you are going to test the script.

But when I go to run it, it says "registration failed please try again" and it's stressing me out I've tried it so many times.
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