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Login iOS 7.1.2 problems

Yesterday my iphone and ipad updated. Install there works great. Only problem is the website version of my app, my appery.io app won't LOGIN,

I have viewed the tutorials and I made the login page successfully around the MESSAGES tutorial. But for some reason, the login stopped working.

I don't know if this is related to the iOS update for 7.1.2.

I have checked the dependencies , the mapping, the local access variables, the events, the buttons, the names of parameters involved and i cannot figure out the error.

Help help Obi-wan!!

Also, I got an unusually high number of access calls to the database for USER... is this related?

Total statistics Databases size 7.25 MB 1% of 1 GB

Calls to Databases 2,525

Total calls 2,525

I just cant imagine i made that many calls to the database in one day. Maybe i broke 100 tops, but I don't think I did requests in the 1000's
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