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Mapping through a Function Query


I am currently thinking about downloading the full version of appery and I'm following the current tutorial.

"How to Build an Ionic App to save Form Data into a Database" on youtube

After creating the service code and the database I am coming up with an error message "cannot find name"
I'm also not able to map the data by clicking on "CLICK TO EDIT MAPPING"
I've tried dragging the "myformscript_service" into the function although this has also not worked?

Do you have anymore ideas? Any help at all would be great.
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  • Hello again,

    I think I have answered your question in your related Zendesk ticket but will duplicate it so that the other community members can see it.

    I would like you to know that the video you are following seems to be a bit outdated as we have modified our Ionic editor since then and introduced some improvements so that everything that is related to building the Ionic app might not work as shown in the video (creating a Database and working with Server Code sections are operating, though).

    Besides, Ionic and Bootstrap app versions have already been marked as deprecated so I would highly recommend you consider switching to Ionic 4.
    In this connection, please check our most recent sample Ionic 4 apps tutorials that that will walk you through the process of creating a Login form in an Ionic 4 project that will validate user credentials stored in the database:
    We also have 2 advanced tutorials on how to build Login and Signup forms:
    All of them are valid and focus on the same functionality you need.

    I hope this helps.
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