Hi Max, It's me again!

First of all ... I have searched in "forum satisfaction" about my questions.

I have read all about tiggzi tutorials.

But i did not found any information about what can i have the to to solve my problem.

My question:

In my Home page, i have put the list and each element have a text label. This text label i have wrote for each element. It's beaultiful.

But ... My second page have a list. This list is populated by my rest service.

The tutorial say: Put this list in a grid and put a label for each element to show the text. I did it.

All my services return a "name" parameter. I have mapped the name to the label. Worked ... BUT .....

The list looks do not like my first list, Which i did not put in the grid ... and i have direct wrote the text in a text field.

What can i to have the map to the "Attribute name" from text field to rest in service "MobileListItem"?

More And one question. :-)

What can i have to to the limit to show the character lenght for each ITEMLIST?

For example ...

Label for each element in the list have the string too long. "The Grace of Mary Hospital of the Brook."

I want the lenght limit. This character string have 40 ...

And i want show: "The Lady of Grace Hospital .." With about 26 characters (for example)

With 3 points in the final string of ...

Did You Understand?

Sorry ... my english is not so good.

I'm sending the email to support with the printscreen.

Thank you again Max!
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