Master detail on same page using collapsibleset on same page


I am trying to have a master detail implementation using the collapsibleset control on one page. I want the headers of the collapsibleset to display topics and then have quizzes for each topic displayed when the header for each section is expanded.

I have two collections in my DB one which has all the topics and one which has the quiz info. The quiz collection has a column which references which topic the quiz belongs to. I have setup a list service for the topics and a query service for the quizzes.

So far on the page I have the collapsibleset control and it is bound to the list service for the topics, so all the topics are successfully being listed as mobilecollapsblockheaders.

Now is where I get stuck to implement the quizzes showing for each topic I have the following questions:
1. what component should I place in the mobilecollapsblockcontent to show the quiz name, a label? A list?

2. How do I setup the data binding for the quizzes? I have the query service for the quizzes but am not sure how to set the binding so only the quizzes for each topic show under the topic.

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