multipe push failure points - something substantial changed in application environment

I paused application development since 14 October until 27 October. After starting back with final changes in my application, I noticed something changed in the development environment which has stopped my app from registering "push", which is an area of code I haven't touched for weeks.

- A stable version of the application running on a test iPhone as an ipa from the 14th of October registers the device and receives push notifications perfectly; device is registered in the device database, and has no problems sending or receving push.
- Any version i export now as an ipa will not register for push notifications - no device shows up in the devices database when application runs.
- I rolled back the application code to the 14th of October version, and exported the App to an ipa but it still does not register as a device for push
- I rolled forward to current revision level of the application, and added code to register "Push Initialize", "Push Registration Success", "Push Registration Failure" events, but none of the events get triggered.

Why did my application spontaneously stop registering itself for push in the last two weeks, when I made no changes to that area of the code, has something changed in application libraries?
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