MVC based rest responses not populating grid.

Hey Guys,

So I have a tiny test app. It effectively consist of a button, a grid, and a rest service. I click the button, i have it's event invoke the rest service, i then display some simple json mapped to the grid. Yet, I'm never getting the actual data to the grid. I know the call works, as the test call in the rest create screens worked perfectly and populated my response parameters. I'm also able to test it via browser. So I took these steps:

1. Double checked that I could call the controller and receive the json.
2. Ensured that I had mapped the response parameters to the text attribute of text boxes I had put in the grid.
3. Added javascript event handlers to the rest service call and received all three events, completed, error, success (although that seemed a bit odd).

I've attached an image of the mapping, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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