Need help in implementing Google Analytics in Appery ionic app for website

Hi there

I have built a website using appery based on ionic, and everything seems to be working well. Now, I have to an issue on how to implement tracking, specifically Google Analytics and/or Google Tag Manager.

i have contacted Appery support and even though they are usually fantastically helpful, this time they only pointed me to a old tutorial which seems rather involved and doesn't work for my application:

My application has several master-detail list so it is impossible to manually create hot buttons to fire a list of events.

I'm wondering if anyone has an updated solution to this problem. I can't be the only one having this issue since almost everyone uses GA on their websites. I understand that all single page applications have this issue but there have to be a solution. Admittedly this is my first year as an angular programmer, so I may have missed a lot of things.

Any help/documentation/direction in implementing Google Analytics and/or Google Tag Manager for an Appery ionic app is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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