New Interface: Generated Application Fails to map data correctly

I upgraded to the new interface, second time. It looks wonderful.
However, this time when I run my application, the very first database query which is to get multiple row results fails to iterate over an array of query results, mapping each row to a local "javascript".

get all database rows matching "active"
Network data shows 6 rows resulting
the mapping previously taking $[] row to a 'javascript' would call the element 6 times, once for each result.
Now it calls the 'javascript' only once, for the first element, remaining five elements are discarded.

I added a 'local storage' item that was to simply debug what was the output ("debugReturnData"). I could see it in the screen, and was mapped to the $[] object so it would iterate over rows, but I got a console message "Uncaught Error: Storage 'debugReturnData' not found" so I couldn't even add to the existing mapping with a new storage item, the initial test, with no other changes to my system, simply returned a fail.

I have to roll back a second time now. If all my prior database queries fail, it renders the new interface wholly unusable. 

It's not very stable.
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