Newbuilder problems: mapping database query service to JS

Hi support team!
I have found a new problem with one of the features of my project (originally built in the oldbuilder) that is not working in the newbuilder.

On PageShow of one of my app screens, I send a query to database, but instead of mapping it directly to a mobileitemlist; I map it to a JS that stores new values in a local cache (I called it SynchJS). Then, upon Service Complete event, I invoke a Generic service that reads the whole local cache and performs mapping against mobileitemlist. This way, no matter the device has connectivity or not; I can show results on the screen.

In oldbuilder, SynchJS stores in localCache all new entries obtained from Appery database; so if n new items are obtained from Appery database, the JS is executed 10 times.
However in newbuilder, SynchJS just stores the first entry obtained from Appery database. Even though n new items are available on Appery database, the JS is executed just once.

I enclose two screenshots, first one from the oldbuilder mapping:

...and second one from the newbuildermapping:

Any suggestion, workaround... is appreciated
Thank you in advance!
Carlota F:
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