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Platform Maintenance on October 29

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  • October 31, 2017 23:28
    Bruce Stuart
    Change in reply by Bruce Stuart to Gentlemen , <br /><br /> Respectfully I thank you for the update. <br /><br /> I will however add that in terms of substantive addition of features the list is honestly missing any real substantive changes, and the issues for IOS 11 are more than what you e listed as I’ve alluded to in a separate post. <br /><br /> Since the IOS11 issues are important for no other reason than (a) reputationally (b)they will be required when Apple refuses no longer allow xCode 8 built Software on the App Store ... it’s challenging to understand from a users perspective given the majority share the Apple store seems to have with business users ... what the real plan is here for the platform given the lack of a roadmap for the product and any definition on IOS11 here. <br /><br /> Please correct me like many users have ... I have a tremendous amount at risk here and am very much tied into this platform. <br /><br /> Bruce.

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