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Platform update broke code: mobile list text does not work

I had the code which was working fine after the major platform update broke it. Several features stopped working and I'm finding them one by one.

Mapping: http://awesomescreenshot.com/09e3q7j084

I had JS in the mapping of response which did the following:

(1.) len = value.usersRegistered.length; // (this does give anything now. I have tried to grab other things by doing what I did before value. eg. "value.eventDate" but that does not work at all. Looks like something has changed in the background on the usage of "value" in the mappings?)

(2.) $('[dsid=eventListLabel]', element).text(str); // (this does not work at all, even if I try to debug trying to print a "foobar" instead of str the text does not print to the list - I see a blank list).

First it took me hours to figure out that the JS has been magically deleted completely by the update, then it took time to figure where/how to put it back in and now I'm running into functionality issues. The major platform update has been a big headache for me. I am spending nights trying to figure out solutions to things and how many of them broke.
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