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Praise and... doubts

I have been playing with Tiggr for a day or so. While it looks very good and very promising it strikes me that it is still ways off from being platform I could realistically use to create a real app. Here is what I need to to do in the app I am thinking of building

a. A fairly simple UI - no fancy graphics.
b. Access a REST service (my own) to get some data.
c. Show it on a Google map with "pins"
d. Use the device compass to get its geolocation

Brief question - any chance that I can do all of the above (Android for now) right away or should I go and do it with MoSync or something similar instead.

Keep up the good work - and in any case, good luck!
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  • Hi and thanks for your feedback. Tiggr provides everything that you need today:

    a) jQuery Mobile components to build the UI. jQuery Mobile components are cross-device and cross-platform.

    b) You can connect and consume any REST services:

    c) Can be done with PhoneGap. Here is an example:

    d) Done with PhoneGap API:

    As for MoSync, it's probably a good product but seems to be a proprietary framework and requires programming in C or C++ and download. Tiggr is Web-based, and provides easy to use visual tools and is based on standard technologies for building mobile apps such as HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery Mobile components and PhoneGap library.

    We are adding new features all the time. In just two weeks are going releasing brand new look and feel for the visual editor, XML support in services, enhanced iOS support and much more!

    Let us know if we can help with anything else...
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