Pretty URLs in Ionic PWA Application

Hello Awesome Appery Team --

Question for y'all. I'm exporting my Appery project to create a PWA. By default, Angular creates URLs using # in the URL. Is it possible to remove the # to display a cleaner path. For example:

Current --
Pretty URL --

I've found an article which discusses how to do this in Angular,, but I'm not sure how I would apply this to my appery project. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you.


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  • Hello Steve, doesn't have such functionality.

    Do you use hosting? If so - it is not possible to do

    If you use your own hosting, please check this video tutorial:
    1. Setup your hosting to send all requests through index.html
    2. Change mode in sources:
    WEB_RESOURCES/app/app.js ($locationProvider.html5Mode)
    3. Set "base" in index.html

    Note: If you make these changes, preview and hosting won't work. So you will need to make these changes every time you make publishing and revert to make some changes in Visual Editor
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