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Problem Mapping Local Storage Variable Arrray to List


I have created a generic service to map my Local storage variable array to a List.

This is my Jscript for the generic service.

Appery.getProgrammes = Appery.createClass(null, {

init : function(requestOptions) {
this.__requestOptions = $.extend({}, requestOptions);

process : function(settings) {
if (this.__requestOptions.echo) {
} else {
var cdata =;


This is the error:
VM34736:202 Error: Attempt to access Array by property name : 'resource'
at Object._get (mapping-impl.js:325)
at Object._get (mapping-impl.js:343)
at Object.get (mapping-impl.js:310)
at Entry.window.__entry.Entry.getValue (mapping-impl.js:82)
at MappingUnit.window.__mapping_unit.MappingUnit.processMappings (mapping-impl.js:196)
at MappingUnit.window.__mapping_unit.MappingUnit.process (mapping-impl.js:127)
at Function.processMappingAction (mapping-impl.js:10)
at derived.onSuccess (eval at globalEval (jquery-2.1.1.js:330), :171:22)
at derived.__successHandler (appery.js:397)
at Object.proxy [as success] (jquery-2.1.1.js:513)

The LSV does contain the correct info when I output it to the console.

This is my service response......

This is my mapping

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