problem with logic

I have a sessionToken in localstorage named "session".
How do I show that the sessionToken localstorage is called "session" and do my images appear?

The other problem I have is that I want when the image field in the database is empty, the image disappears.
Can you help me?
That JS code I can use to make the image disappear?
But if the field in the database is populated with a file, I want to show the image.

var sessionToken = localStorage.getItem("session");
if(!value ||!value.fileName){
return "";
return "" + value.fileName + "?sessionToken="+ sessionToken;

The code I used was this, but it does not work.
I would like to help me rewrite it another way to see if it works.
There are errors in the browser console, ja depudei the app and there are no errors.
I believe that the logic of this code is written in the wrong way.

Can you help me rewrite it in another way?
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