Problems with Select Functionality

Hello. I’m having a problem with Selects that I’ve placed on one of my pages. Throughout my entire application, I have dropdowns which are display information (returned via REST services) properly, and the majority automatically include a close (X) button in case the user wants to close them without selecting an option. However, I have two smaller dropdowns with less than ten values, and I can’t seem to get them to display the close button to ensure consistency of the look and feel across all pages. I've attached images so that you can see what I'm referring to; in both cases (regardless of the amount of data in the Select), I want a close button to be displayed, but they aren't appearing for the smaller dropdowns.

In order to ensure that I wasn't doing something wrong or differently for the Selects that failed to display a close button, I simply increased the size of the resultset being returned from my REST services and they displayed the buttons as expected. When I reverted my REST services to return the correct data, the Selects failed to display the close buttons. Since I want to have a consistent look and feel throughout my application, can you revise the functionality of your Selects to display the close button regardless of the amount of options displayed, or is there a way for me to programmatically enable the close button?

Another problem with Selects (since your IDE upgrade) is that they default to the last item in the list instead of the Selected element in the list. I’ve tried setting the Selected value from the results of a REST service or via local storage variables, and although it sometimes defaults to the value I desire, it is quirky at times and displays the last value no matter how I try to set the Selected attribute. For example, if I have a state dropdown with no value selected from my database, but the control has a selected element set to "Select State," the select is showing the last option of Wyoming as the selected value from my dropdown instead of what I desire although I've tried to set it programmatically or via a local storage variable. This was all working correctly prior to your last upgrade but "broken" once I accepted the upgrade.

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