provide mobile shortcut for ipad has no camera or QRcode reader.

My iPad have no camera, I and my team member must typing long URL.
provide mobile shortcut form
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  • Interesting idea.. thanks.

    When you test the app, there is also email link feature. Have you tried that?

    We considered using a URL shortener but decided that entering numbers, lower/upper case letters is not much simpler than just entering Do you think making it - would be better?
    • shortenuf is the solution for your problem "entering numbers, lower/upper case letters is not much simpler "

      check again, please.
      it provide shortcut button generating short domain ( ,
      NOT long and ugly url ( )

      Just type 4 or 5 letter, user can visit orginal URL.

      typing "" is much simpler than "" .
    • Thanks... we will look into this. My only concern is the URL only active for 3 minutes. Users might mistaken it for a permanent short URL and try to use it later. I guess this could be an option.
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