Push notifications help!

Hi! First let me tell you guys that I love appery.io. I have accomplished to do many cool things in just a week of having started to use it. My problem is that I'm struggling with push notifications.

So far I have created three services:




If I test them in the designer, they all work, but I can't make my app, which I'm running on my iPhone device, to get the push notifications. One thing I'm doing, is setting the and local storage variables into two input fields so I can see them in the UI when running the app on the device. What I noticed is that the token always has value of 'undefined'.

I'm running the RegistrationService and SubscribeChannel (with channel id hardcoded [1873]) at Load event of initial page.

Do you have a backup of an app that uses push notifications that you could share with me? I'm very confused right now.

Any ideas?


Eduardo Ramos
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