Queries to join one collection to another

For some reason I am struggling with this and have searched for it but cannot find a result. I am sure the answer is relatively simple. I am trying to do a query on data in my database which has a pointer to a diff collection. Here is the raw test JSON data in the db. I am essentially trying to do a query that says, show me a result set that lists where agegender is "Boys". I have tried { "TeamID":{ "Agegender":"Boys"}} but it just brings back a blank result. TeamID is the column in one collection that is populated by a pointer to a different collection.

"_createdAt":"2014-07-07 22:59:20.504",
"_updatedAt":"2014-07-07 22:59:29.057"
"_createdAt":"2014-07-07 22:46:03.149",
"_updatedAt":"2014-07-08 17:57:04.473"
"_createdAt":"2014-07-04 01:04:56.864",
"_updatedAt":"2014-07-08 17:58:36.067"
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