Query Collections based on ACL


I'm quite new to Appery.io but have been able to get along quite well with all the info out there. However, I seem to be stuck with a small issue that hopefully someone here will know how to resolve. I have a Collection in a database called "Systems" that basically holds different url endpoints for APIs that I will be calling using API Express. Each row in the database correlates to a specific system (thus the name of the database).
The reason i'm holding these endpoints in a database is because I want certain users to have access to certain endpoints. I've come to understand that using the 'acl' column in my database can designate which users have access to which systems. My question is, how do I then query the list of systems based on the acl? Should this be done on the server side or through the 'query service' provided?

Once I get the list of systems the user has access to, I want to display them as a List or a Grid on the UI. The users can then press on each system and see the data being pulled from the corresponding REST APIs.

Thanks for your help!

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