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I don't even know how to explain this in words but here goes.

A user creates a record (name (jay), d.o.b etc), they may create many of these (saved into collection 1)

On another page that same user then creates many records (saved into collection 2)

That same "name" (jay) created in the first instance is brought across to collection 2 because i needed something common linking the 2 collections

I need to now query collection 2 bringing in all information under "jay" (remembering i do not know what this "name" will be called.

I also need to do the same for any other "names" that user creates

Is there a way of doing this?


Jay 01/01/2000 Blue
Bob 02/02/2002 Red

12:01 Yes No Blah
13:52 No No Blah
23:59 Yes Yes Blah

08:12 Yes No Blah
14:08 No No Blah
20:26 Yes Yes Blah

16:45 Yes No Blah
20:00 No No Blah

So i need all of Jay's Data shown on Jay's page and all of Bob's Data shown on Bob's page but again, i do not know how many "names" will be created.

Thank you
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