Question about multiple queries

Hi, I asked the same question yesterday but I assume you didn't see it.
I have been trying to learn how to use your platform. I followed this tutorial and now I want to create a query with two parameters. The maker and the model. I created a second inputbox for the model, went to the mapping page, linked the second inputbox and switched the existing code for the simple query(return '{"Maker":"'+value+'"}';) and used this:
var where = {
"$and": [
{"Maker": '"' + Apperyio('Maker').val() + '"'},
{"Model": '"' + Apperyio('Model').val() + '"'}
return JSON.stringify(where);
It is not working.What am I doing wrong?
I also tried other ways( like what you say here but still got nothing.
Thank you for your time.
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