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I'm trying to follow your tutorial here (

Currently, I'm troubled understanding this line:;

This line as per the tutorial, is supposed to be placed on list_service success event.
However, whenever I use it with the event, I get the error "Cannot read property "set" of undefined"".

I added the following before the line and this is their results:
console.log('stringify :'+JSON.stringify(;     //undefined
console.log('storage :'; //undefined;

What is this line is supposed to do here? what is "storage"? and what is "" in this case"?

2) Does _echo store all tasks (those created online and offline) or only those created offline? If stores online and offline tasks, where in the tutorial script, the online tasks are added to _echo?

3) If _echo stores all tasks (online and offline), where the newly offline created ones are supposed to be stored? I assume that there is _echo for the entire list of tasks that created online and offline, and there is another LSV store newly offilne created tasks. Am I correct?
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