Re-direct mobile user to assigned URL based on mobile user location

I am a noob here and am happy to learn, but the panel is confusing to me.

I have a hosted website that functions via php and javascript. A user enters a zip code, then hits submit, and the program displays specific content drawn from MySQL database based on the zipcode entered.

Help Needed:
I simply want the app to ***automatically*** forward the user to specific url page data based on the users mobile location. User zipcode = url page assigned to user zipcode.

Example: If mobile user is within the zipcode of 77056, I want them to click a button and automatically be forwarded to a specific url that will display the content asigned to that zipcode. I want the mobile users phone to do this automatically, effectively removing the need to have the user enter a zipcode into an input form.

1. What steps in the panel do I take to achieve this?
2. Is there any outside code that needs to be inserted into Tiggzi to make this work?...if yes, what and where?
3. Native app or not? what would be better? note: the data within the assigned pages changes daily. The page urls do not.

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  • The steps would be something like this:

    1. Use Geolocation component to get device's location

    2. You would need to find a service on the Internet that would return the zip code based on latitude/longitude information returned by Geolocation. Do you know of such service?

    3. Once you have the zip code, forwarding to URL is pretty straight forward. It's very simple JavaScript

    You should go with native (PhoneGap) app as the Geolocation component is available for that type of app.

    Hope this helps...
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