Receive and visualize data from WiFi port

I have a WiFi device which transmits continuously updated run-time data on a designated WiFi port number. I wish to able to visualize these data in real-time, but also be able to create some very simply real-time analysis and show these just as numbers or simple graphs. The devices in question are connected to the same local WiFi btw.

One use-case for instance be to receive power consumption numbers in real-time over the mentioned WiFi-port; show the current status as a number (kWh), and in addition at least show the added running total kWh and the corresponding price as real-time numbers. (Nice to have feature would also be to show a graph/chart of some sort with the same parameters).

What would be the best approach to: 1) receive traffic on the WiFi port into the App, and 2) visualize the data?

Regards Rune
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